Swimazing was founded with the claim to be the best and most complete swimming community on the market. Planless and trying alone to put on your own swimming performance is now a thing of the past. With us you get plans for every level and in every scope with detailed technical explanations in video tutorials. 2 times a week a livestream with Jan Wolfgarten is waiting for you, with varied topics around swimming. In addition, you benefit from our network of partner companies and one-time special conditions, which exist exclusively for members of the Swimazing Club in this form.

The Swimazing Method


The right water position (body position) has the highest priority with us.Only when you have internalized these, you are able to optimally implement everything else.


Our second training principle is rotation in the body’s longitudinal axis.This is crucial to bring the optimum power into the water.The rotation allows maximum body extension on the side.This is the only way to achieve a maximum train length and the lowest possible water resistance.


Only when these two principles are mastered by our swimmers, we dedicate ourselves to the arm pull and the kick of the legs. Propulsion is our third important principle to make you fit while swimming.


As coach and CEO of Swimazing, Jan stands for world-class level.Jan is the current German record holder on 1500m freestyle 25m track in 14: 20.44 and has won international titles and medals in pool and open water swimming.

As swimming coach of Sebastian Kienle he has contributed to the fact that Sebastian is now also in the top groups in swimming at the triathlon events to find.All these experiences are now for the first time attuned to all age groups and athletes – and to your individual needs.

Christian Kubusch


  • Participants OS Beijing 2008
  • 2nd place EURO 2010 800F
  • Record 800F 7: 49.17
  • 11 * dt. master
  • “Kubi” will offer for Swimazing 1: 1 trainings and group trainings in the area Magdeburg and Potsdam

Isabelle Härle


  • 6th place 10km open water OS Rio 2016
  • 2 * World Champion 5km Team Open Water
  • 1 * European champion 5km open water
  • 4 * dt. master
  • Isabelle will offer for Swimazing 1: 1 training and group training in the Essen area and Dusseldorf.

Marco Di Carli


  • Finalist OS Athens 100R and London 4 * 100F men
  • Record holder 100F 48,2x
  • 13 * German master
  • Marco will offer for Swimazing 1: 1 training and group training in the Munich area.

Lukasz Wojt


  • Participants OS Beijing 2008
  • 3rd place EM 2008 400L
  • Polish record 400L 25m lane 4: 03,20
  • Polish record 400L 25m lane 4: 03,20
  • Currently the fastest swimmer in professional riathlon
  • Lukasz will take over for Swimazing 1: 1 trainings and group training in the area of ​​Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg